Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Swallow Sisters"

For you, C.M. You say I inspire you, and I want you to know the feeling is very mutual (and tell you in a way you'd appreciate). Love you :)

Swallow Sisters :)

Can you believe how we came to be?

Absolute strangers on Regent Street.

It soon became clear we were meant to be mates

Barefoot stroll to 7/11- the first of many dates.

Your zest for life and deep love for food

Cemented our bond and kept up my mood.

As a newbie to Aus, it was hard not to feel

Far away at times. It seemed quite unreal.

But you made me feel so right in place

Not only in Sydney, but in myself, in my space.

From nights in with tarot cards,

sharing magnums, apples/the flu,

facebook chatting side-by-side,

and balling through P.S. I Love You,

To arvos at the Courty

for our jug of Coopers Green,

Red wine on King Street having a laugh,

rating men, and checking the scene.

From kicking ass in Matt’s combat class

and edamame at Sushi Train,

To crazy benders in the X

and the hangovers we sustained.

I will never forget our road trip,

it was off its tit!

With our “cold coca-cola and ice”

and Buulleeeetttproof bit.

Oh Cassa darling, I miss you so.

Your never-ending song, your wit, your glow.

That cackle of a laugh while you watch 30 Rock,

Arj Barker’s “water” and Seinfeld’s “Twist Off!!”

Thank you for being my Thanksgiving,

my Christmas, and New Year.

Thank you for always sharing

your family, food, and gear.

We no longer chat side-by-side,

But you’re with me every day.

Right next to my heart, you are my wings.

And like swallows, we’ll find our way...

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