Sunday, April 11, 2010


Think I need some more content in this "WanderLoz" blog?? Well, help me wander!

There is this awesome new website called that connects people all over the world through the love of travel. It's like a facebook for wanderlusts! It's a place for people to share their travel tips, stories, photos, and possibly their couches to like-minded travel buddies.

Obviously you want to check this out and start your own profile. All I'm asking from you is while doing so, please put my name (Lauren Nicholl) in the "referred by" box. By doing this, you are helping me fulfill my dream of traveling around the world. And guess what? The winner gets two tickets. ;) IMPORTANT: In order for a referral to be counted, the new member must also have a complete profile compromised of unique responses to each section in the 'Info' tab, 1 profile photo and at least 1 additional photo in the 'Photos' tab.

Thank you to anyone who reads my blog and does me this gigantic favor. I'll see you on!


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